Magaly Medina attacks EEG for setting up a panel to analyze Pamela Franco’s interview

Magaly Medina attacks EEG that set up a panel to analyze Pamela Franco’s interview

Strong declarations. In the latest edition of ‘Magaly TV la Firme’ February 12, Magaly Medina expressed his annoyance and strongly criticized the panel that prepared the reality show ‘Esto es Guerra’ to comment on the interview of Pamela Franco in ‘Mande who Mande’.

The ATV journalist was outraged that the production of the competition program invited a group of personalities and members of the program to comment on Domínguez’s infidelity, but they all refused to give their opinion. about ‘the private lives of others’.

This incident upset Magaly, who wondered why they were invited if they weren’t going to comment on it. The journalist used forceful language to refer to the group of celebrities that made up the panel, including Deyvis Orosco, La Chola Chabuca, Facundo González, Azucena Calvay, Michelle Soifer, and the hosts Renzo Schuller and Cristian Rivero.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

“What are these trio of morons doing sitting there? Deyvis Orosco is in Paris. Why did they sit him down? Schuller to be seated? Why did they sit this fool Schuller down? If they have nothing to say. Their heads don’t give them anything,” said the dazed communicator.

Even Magaly Medina was surprised that Michelle Soifer He was also part of the group of opinionologists, since he considered that he did not have the moral authority to comment on the subject. Here we leave you what he said: “‘This is war’ had a different beginning, what does ‘This is war’ have to do with it? putting Pamela Franco’s statements and setting up a panel of the most absurd people, a most bizarre mix? Of those who were there, supposedly to analyze the midday interview,” he added.

“I wonder: what were the ‘Chola Chabuca’ doing there, what was Michel Soifer doing, with what moral authority do they have her. What can this barbecue guy know, what can he talk about? and the two Renzo Schuller and Cristian Rivero sitting there saying that they feel very uncomfortable doing this, that it doesn’t seem like it to them,” he mentioned.

As is known, Pamela Franco He spoke for the first time about the episode of infidelity of his ex-partner Cristian Domínguez and the clandestine romance he had with Cristian Cueva. This happened after Pamela López’s wife showed screenshots and videos claiming the relationship with the footballer, even though he denied it.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

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