Miraflores and the unusual reason why its municipality prunes trees in the middle of summer

Miraflores and the unusual reason why its municipality prunes trees in the middle of the heat wave. (Video: Municipality of Miraflores)

Since last year, residents of Miraflores they come expressing their disagreement with the management of your mayor Carlos Canales. Among their claims, they highlight that the politician Popular Renewal It attacks public recreation, harasses residents with prohibitions, discriminates against visitors, harms cultural activities, among other complaints.

On this occasion, they used their social networks to express their discomfort after verifying that workers from the Municipality of Miraflores have reduced the green areas of the coastal district. As can be seen thanks to the videos published by the neighbors, council workers pruned the branches of trees located in several parks and roads in the jurisdiction in the middle of the heat wavean action that harms the health of thousands of citizens.

“The massive pruning of trees and benches in Miraflores is because the Municipality does not want people to sit, enjoy or rest in the shade, it just wants people to circulate and leave the district… total discrimination… Revocation now” wrote user Rodolfo Carbajal.

It should be noted that a study carried out by scientists at the Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, ETH Zurich (Switzerland), revealed that the presence of trees can reduce urban soil temperature by up to 12°C during the summer months.

Neighbors report that the Municipality of Miraflores has decided to prune trees in parks and public roads despite the heat wave. (Photo: Capture social networks)

Given the wave of complaints received by the Municipality of Miraflores On the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, the account of this institution decided to publish an explanation, along with a video, to try to calm the waters.

In their argument, they indicated that the trimming of tree branches responds to a technical criteria to “avoid urban accidents that may affect people, vehicles or property.” “Due to the warm temperatures, trees develop more at this time of year and many have heavy branches that can represent a danger,” says the municipal council.

“Due to the more than 35,000 trees we have in the district, our pruning work is not limited only to the summer, but is carried out throughout the year. In this way we take care of the health of the tree, without affecting the projection of its shadow. The pruning is carried out under the prior evaluation of forest engineers, who validate the technical aspects to carry it out, taking care of the health of the trees and preventing the projection of the shadow from being harmed,” reads its publication.

Miraflores and the unusual reason why its municipality prunes trees in the middle of the heat wave. (Video: X, formerly Twitter)

It is worth remembering that the intention of a large number of Miraflores residents is to join together to sign and revoke from office Mayor Carlos Canales. Among the reasons, the promoters highlight that the Miraflores administration has installed a policy of “harassment” against activities in parks and other public areas. The last of them, once again vetoing symbolic LGBTI weddings in the Parque del Amor.

“Whoever is promoting the revocation is a leftist, Marxist, Leninist man. He is identified, his name is José De la Torre Ugarte. He is a man from the extreme left,” Carlos Canales responded to a local media outlet to try to discredit the intention that already exists on the part of the Miraflores residents to remove them from office.

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