Pamela Franco admits that Christian Cueva only paid her for trips: “He didn’t give me an apartment, I have nothing”

Pamela Franco admits that Christian Cueva only paid for her trips: “He didn’t give me an apartment, I have nothing.” (Composition: Infobae)

Strong declarations. In a highly anticipated interview, held today, February 12, the singer Pamela Franco opened his heart in’Send who sends‘ and revealed intimate details about his former relationship with Christian Dominguezas well as about the secret romance he lived with Christian Cueva in 2018, which lasted for more than a year.

In the middle of his conversation with María Pía Copello, the cumbia singer revealed that she was the lover of the popular ‘Aladdin’ and that she was aware of his marriage to Pamela López. She also confessed that the footballer financially financed her trips to meet him, but she denied receiving an apartment as a gift, as many have speculated.

“He hasn’t helped me financially, the only thing he paid for was the trips, the tickets. Afterwards, he hasn’t given me a single penny, he hasn’t paid me for an apartment, I have nothing. Let them investigate me, I have nothing in my property, I have nothing of his. They said that he had bought me an apartment, he has not bought me anything,” Christian Domínguez’s ex-partner initially said.

Pamela Franco regrets her romance with Christian Cueva and accuses him of having six lovers. | Composition Infobae/capture/America TV/broadcast

In another aspect, Pamela Franco shared that after the infidelity scandal of Christian Domínguez, Cueva cHe continued communicating with her. According to her testimony, the soccer player revealed more of the cumbiambero’s disloyalties, since he had hired someone to inform him about his actions.

“I believe that there have been some episodes and events that have alerted Pamela López, the calls with your friend, a deposit of 280 soles (…) She called me to show solidarity for what had happened, what strength, that I am strong , that this is going to happen. It was the second day that this had happened to me, I didn’t think about her good or bad intentions,” she added.

“He wrote to me the next day and I was at a photo shoot, he sent me a photo with a friend they have in common with Christian Domínguez, he told me that he was going to find out everything for me, to see if anything mattered to him,” he mentioned.

Pamela López speaks out after statements by Pamela Franco.

“I accept my mistake because to say it at this point if when it happened the people involved continued their lives and I was there so why leave when I was a stranger to ruin a relationship,” continued the ex-partner of Christian Dominguez.

Finally, with a broken voice, Pamela Franco apologized to Pamela Lopez: “For this reason, I once again accept my mistake and apologize directly to the person who is Mrs. Pamela López; to her family and mine.”

Pamela Franco apologizes to Pamela López. (America TV)

Pamela Franco He shared his reaction when seeing his ex-partner’s compromising situation. Christian Dominguez. The singer mentioned that she was with Domínguez at that time and that she did not suspect that he was the protagonist of the ‘Magaly TV, la firma’ ampay. “When I saw the images start to appear, I had no reaction, I just managed to say Christian is it you and he answered no.”

“When that happened he stayed watching the entire ampay because my little daughter had an anxiety crisis and I preferred to leave the room and stay with her. Because when I wanted to vent like every woman, my daughter got sick, and I was left to breathe.”

“We talked, the truth is I haven’t insulted him or yelled at him, what happens is that I still don’t understand, inside my house I had my family who was fine and I said when did that happen, it was very confusing for me.”

Pamela Franco reveals that Christian Domínguez conquered her after his separation from Cueva. | capture/America TV

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