Rueda is ironic that the CIS gives “some deputy” to the PP and accuses BNG of “not condemning” the death of the civil guard

The PP candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, has used irony to refer to the latest CIS barometer on the regional elections that puts at risk the absolute majority of the popular Galicians, whose leader has stated that he expected from this survey that pointed out that the PP “is not going to get any deputies.” “He still gives us some deputies,” Rueda joked at a rally in O Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense) in which he was supported by his counterpart in Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueca, who has established his ‘namesake’ as the “guarantor” of the “stability”, “security” and “tranquility” that “Galicians need”. On the day in which the Sociological Research Center (CIS) has published the third and final installment of the barometer on the elections in Galicia this Sunday, Rueda has begun his speech with words of remembrance to the two civil guards who died in Cádiz after being attacked by a drug boat, events that, according to the president of the Xunta, the BNG “has not condemned” and the PSdeG “has shamefully condemned.” Thus, the leader of the PP of Galicia has referred to the CIS survey to, ironically, downplay a study that he sees as tailored “to what the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, wants.” “The first one (CIS delivery on the Galician women) told us that things were going badly for us, the second one told us that things were going badly for us and I believed that in this third one he was going to say that we were not going to get any deputies. He still gives us some deputies” , he has sentenced. In this sense, Rueda has stated that he prefers negative polls because that “forces us to work”, “there is no relaxation” and “to be motivated” ahead of the appointment with the polls on Sunday, in which “it is at stake the stability model” that, he says, embodies his project compared to the “steps backwards model” of the “multi-party hubbub.” After thanking Mañueco for his campaign support, Alfonso Rueda stressed that these elections “are also important” for “the Government of Spain to change” and end the era of Pedro Sánchez whom the Galician president has stated that he met in person. precisely, in the Valdeorras region during the wave of fires in the summer of 2022. According to Rueda, Sánchez came to Valdeorras “sulking, as if he were from the BNG” and said “that climate change was to blame for the fires after arriving by helicopter and with seven cars”. CRITICISM OF THE BNG The popular candidate to continue in San Caetano has dedicated a good part of his speech to criticizing the BNG, of which he has said that “its first point in the electoral program is the independence” of Galicia, which has contrasted the fact that the of the PP are “the families.” “I’m not going to get carried away by the same old identity rolls of nationalism. Because it’s the same old nationalism, don’t let anyone be fooled,” Rueda stated after stating that “the left”, in addition to “promising everything “, is “idly” during the campaign “looking at the polls to see if the PP loses a deputy.” “That’s not worth it to me,” he added. TIES BETWEEN CASTILLA Y LEÓN AND GALICIA Thus, he has stressed that his project involves “building bridges” and “not walls” between neighboring territories, as, he says, happens between Galicia and Castilla y Léon, which share “projects”, “concerns “and “interests” such as the Atlantic Corridor and that suffer the consequences of the collapse of the O Castro viaduct, on the A-6, which connects the provinces of Lugo and León. Rueda has regretted that this infrastructure is being rebuilt “at the rate at which the pyramids were built” and has assured that “if this viaduct connected Catalonia with any other place, it would already be fixed.” MAÑUECO praises RUEDA For his part, the president of the Junta de Castilla y León and leader of the PP in the community, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, valued the political figure of Rueda, the “only” candidate in these elections “capable of contributing “the “security” that Galicians “need.” “When I see Rueda, I see Galicia. I see a serious president, who defends the interests of Galicia and all of Spain. I see his own personality, a loud and clear voice that is heard well in all forums. Everything else is not “More than uncertainty, confusion and a lot of noise. I don’t want that for Galicia,” said the Castilian-Leonese ‘baron’. Thus, he has pointed out that “any candidate” is “light years away” from Rueda, whom he has praised for his “management capacity” and for putting “the interests of Galicia” at the head of a government “of everyone and for everyone” that escapes “from localism” because “that is division.” In this way, he has appealed to the Galicians to give “a clear” and “resounding” victory that “will only be achieved in one way: by voting en masse.” “Each vote is key, unique and decisive,” he added before emphasizing that “whoever prefers to stay at home is giving their support to the multiparty, who will be delighted and happy.” “You don’t vote on Monday, you only vote on Sunday. Monday cannot be a day of regret,” Mañueco concluded.

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