Symbolic weddings and ‘kiss’ in Miraflores: LGTBI community calls for protest acts against Mayor Carlos Canales

The management of Canales – a member of the ultra-conservative Popular Renewal party – alleged, without any other options, that the Parque del Amor would be used for institutional activities scheduled for the same date as the symbolic weddings. Photo: Radio CONEXION Vida

Activists and organizations for the rights of the LGTBI community announced this Monday who will demonstrate against the mayor of Miraflores, Carlos Canaleswhose management rejected a request to hold the symbolic wedding event ‘El Amor No Discrimina’, which has been celebrated for more than two decades in the Love Park from District.

Despite the commune’s veto, diversity will maintain the holding of representative unions and a ‘kiss’ this February 14, from 5:00 p.m. “The Peruvian TLGB Network will continue these events against municipal homophobia. “We have joined and we are calling on LGTBI people and allies for this day,” he told Infobae Peru the representative of the Pride March collective, Jorge Apolaya.

The management of Canales – a member of the ultra-conservative Renovación Popular party – alleged, without any other options, that the Love Park It will be intended for institutional activities scheduled for the same date as the symbolic weddings. The mayor had already denied authorization for the event last year, a month after taking the oath of office. It occurs in a pioneering district for diversity, as it houses the most important LGBTQ club in the country and has an ordinance that prohibits any form of discrimination (No. 437-2015/MM).

“We reject that the municipality resorts to justifications to perpetuate violence against LGTBI people. “No compliance with any requirement should be a reason for people to stop exercising their freedom of expression or assembly,” the activist continued before emphasizing that this right is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Call for symbolic weddings and ‘kiss’ in Miraflores

Peru, a country lagging behind in policies for LGTBI communitydoes not have a Gender Identity Law, not against hate crimes, nor about trans labor quotas, nor equal marriage. ‘Love Does Not Discriminate’ vindicates this policy vacuum with the installation of a mini-stage that allows each couple to go up and register their union as if it were a real wedding.

“200 years of independence of Peru. 100 years since homosexuality was decriminalized. The Municipality of Miraflores It stayed in prehistory. The last thing we should do is sit back. In the face of hate, kisses. In the face of homophobia, our public affections,” invoked Apolaya, one of the promoters of the busiest march in the country.

For February 13, one day before the symbolic weddings and the ‘kiss’, the feminist organization Manuela Ramos has also called for a march against hate crimes committed by trans sex workers. The demonstration will begin at 2:00 p.m. at the intersection of Jirón Chancay and Zepita, in the Lima fence.

Carlos Canales in a file photograph. Photo: Andina

“A year ago they cruelly murdered two trans colleagues in the Center of Lima, and their deaths remain unpunished. Therefore, on Tuesday 02/13 we will take to the streets again. Let us march together, demanding justice for those who are no longer here,” reads a statement spread on the X platform, formerly Twitter.

The leader of the Canales party, Rafael Lopez Aliagabanned last year the Pride March end in the San Martin Plazaa tradition that had already been broken in 2016, during the second administration of Luis Castaneda Lossio. The mayor of Lima pointed out that the public space on Nicolás de Piérola Avenue is intended for tourist activity, one of the axes on which his administration has focused.

Previously, the promoters of this mobilization – which has been demanding LGBTI rights for two decades – reported that the Lima community did not agree to the permit, despite the call from activists and the Ombudsman’s Office. In its place, the conservative administration gave up Alameda 28 de Julio.

According to a survey carried out by the Government in 2017, 8% of the Peruvian population is part of the LGBTI community.

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