The great gesture of the García Obregón family with the Aless Lequio Foundation

After having made headlines in recent months for rumors that the presenter had not fulfilled her promise to give the money raised in her last works to her son’s Foundation, it seems that the dust has calmed down and Ana Obregón has seen with the strength to talk about the foundation again on their social networks for a very good cause. She has done it with a video of gratitude for her brothers, who have agreed to donate some of her father’s furniture to the Foundation. The actress showed one of the rooms in which you could see the new furniture that she herself named while she told how everything had happened: “Well, this is so that you can see little by little how the Foundation’s headquarters is now looking, this painting so beautiful that it will be hung, the sofa, the rug, the marble table and all the furniture that was from my father’s office. So, little by little.” At the top of the video, you could read how she thanked her brothers for donating the belongings of her father, Antonio García Fernández, to a project that is so special to her: “Thank you to my brothers for donating to the Aless Lequio Foundation the furniture in my father’s office. I know there is a long way to go to finish decorating that room, but we are going little by little, but without ceasing to fund research into childhood and youth cancer.” Without a doubt, Ana Obregón seems to have reconciled with social networks and she does not hesitate to use this medium to update her personal life and her relationship with the Foundation that bears the name of her son. She also recently published a home video of little Ana Sandra farting with the description: ‘And the AWARD FOR THE BEST FARTER OF 2024 goes to… ANITA!!!’. All of her comments were filled with beautiful words for her and the little girl, whose bond is stronger every day as she grows.

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