The Israeli Army kills a 20-year-old young man in Qalqilia (West Bank)

The Israeli Army killed a 20-year-old young man this Tuesday in a military operation carried out in Qalqilia, in the West Bank, amid the increase in incursions by Israeli troops into this territory since the attacks carried out by the Resistance Movement Islamic (Hamas) against Israel. The Ministry of Health, linked to the Palestinian Authority, has indicated that the victim, Muhammad Sharif Hassan Salmi, had gunshot wounds to the chest, shoulders and head, according to a statement published on his profile on the social network Facebook. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have not commented at the moment. Local sources consulted by the WAFA news agency have indicated that the young man was in his vehicle when the soldiers shot him. The city’s educational authorities have decided to establish that school classes will be remote due to the “situation” in the area. The operations of the Israeli Army and the attacks by Israeli settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have left more than 380 Palestinians dead since these types of actions have increased since last October 7, when the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) carried out an assault that left 1,200 dead and 240 hostages. Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip have counted some 28,300 dead from the Israeli attacks.

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