The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo denounce that Meta has suspended the Instagram account of their radio station

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, an Argentine group specialized in Human Rights and formed in 1977 during the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, has denounced this Monday the American company Meta for censorship by suspending its Instagram account from its radio station AM 530 , alleging that it publishes “misleading content and fraud.” The association has reported that it has not been able to access its social network account since Sunday night and has “urgently” requested Meta to reverse this “arbitrary decision to censor a university media outlet that, in addition, belongs to the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo”. “The AM530 is synonymous with Human Rights and is the voice of the internationally recognized historical struggle of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo for memory, truth and justice. Argentina is experiencing a climate of times where denialism occupies one of the highest institutional officials in the country, in the face of this attempt to silence our voice, we ask our audience to echo this complaint,” reads a statement. The Buenos Aires Press Union has joined “the concern over the suspension of the Instagram account” of “the mothers’ radio.” “We hope it is resolved as soon as possible and that it does not represent an attack on the freedom of expression of a medium closely linked to the defense of Human Rights,” he concluded.

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