Great assist, almost Olympic goal and an incredible self-pass: Lionel Messi’s match for Inter Miami against Real Salt Lake


Lionel Messi made a great pass to assist Robert Taylor, who immediately opened the scoring for Inter Miami over Real Salt Lake

Lionel Messi was once again the greatest figure of the Inter Miami against Real Salt Lake in the first game of the season Major League Soccer (MLS). The Argentine star was very active and participated in most of his team’s attacks. It was the key to breaking zero and in his left-handed glove was the chance for the Florida franchise to take advantage.

But it cost him The Herons to be able to surpass the Utah team. The search for the locals was from the beginning and Messi himself reversed his roles with his friend Luis Suarezwho assisted him in the initial warning in the offensive.

Leo did not stop running on the front of the attack, either pulling back, generating the game or putting pressure on the rival’s exit. In his interventions he gave away some chiche like a pipe or also created danger by combining with Suárez himself.

Messi’s two scoring chances in Inter Miami-Real Salt Lake

The first danger he had was at 16 minutes with a mid-distance free kick that he cleared off the line. Justen Glad. The ball went to the corner kick and in the execution La Pulga almost scored an Olympic goal.

He was so involved Leo who got angry with Julian Gressel because he didn’t give him the pass when he found himself alone so he could shoot at the goal. His game continued to be compelling even with stopped balls to the point that he almost finished with Jordi Alba a remake of his Barcelona days, when after a corner kick he assisted the Spaniard who hit him first on the edge of the area and his shot went close.

Until at 38 minutes, Messi received from another former boat, Sergio Busquetsand gave a perfect goal pass to Robert Taylor who with a half turn opened the scoring.

Before going to rest, Messi’s skill again appeared to the point of dribbling at an opponent who was lying on the floor suffering from a blow. La Pulga eluded him with an incredible self-pass to surpass his opponent and causing a standing ovation in the stadium.

Self-pass with a rival on the floor: Messi’s incredible play against Inter Miami

In the complement Leo continued doing his thing. He Inter Miami made mistakes and lost the ball which generated the attack of the Royal Salt Lakewhich left spaces and against Messi became unbalanced again. In one he made a run from almost the middle of the field, he made his typical hooks and opened the game to the left.

Leo He asked for them all and motivated his teammates to be able to recover the ball and control the match again. Another example was when he received a pass from Busquets and he hit a left foot that was deflected with his hand by a rival. It was a clear penalty, but the play was invalidated due to a previous advanced position by the Spanish midfielder.

After taking a break, in the 83rd minute Messi was once again lethal with his presence. He received the ball from the Paraguayan Diego Gomezfaced towards the area, unloaded with Suarez who attended his own Gomez which he defined crossed to settle the lawsuit.

At the end Leo combined with Suarez that was returned to him and inside the area he made a hit that dislodged his marker and after his shot the goalkeeper Zac MacMath his scream was drowned out.

Messi It arrived in the middle of last year and this is the first full season in North America. In the United States they have already won a title and it was in the Leagues Cup, the tournament that combined the teams of the MLS and the Mexico League. At the moment it adds up 15 matches with the Inter Miami where he converted 11 goals and provided 6 assists.

The MLS regular season consists of 38 rounds and the top seven in each conference will qualify directly for the playoffs. On the next day the Inter Miami will play at home again and will be measured against Orlando City on Saturday, March 2, from 6:30 p.m. in Argentina.


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