Puigdemont accuses García Castellón of “lying” in the past to French authorities to gather information


The former president of the Generalitat and Junts MEP Carles Puigdemont has accused the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón this Wednesday of “lying to the face” of the French authorities to gather information. He said it in an entry in ‘X’, collected by Europa Press, in reference to a video from October by García Castellón in which he explains an anecdote about a meeting with French authorities in Malaga during the government of José María Aznar, where he claims who told a “lie” to get information about the fight against terrorism. Puigdemont has assured that García Castellón at that time was a liaison judge appointed by the PP and has criticized his words: “He confesses, with an impressive face, that he lied to the French authorities in a highly sensitive matter (the murder of the prefect of Corsica ) to obtain the signing of an agreement”. “That this same character is the one who accuses us of being terrorists for the ‘Tsunami Democràtic’ demonstrations should already give a clue about the veracity of the cause. One lie after another, as is typical of confessed liars like him,” he said. highlighted. The former president of the Generalitat added: “If he was able to lie to the faces of the French authorities, does anyone believe that he was not able to lie as many times as it suited him? That’s what it means to be in charge of the PP, that you can lie while collecting public money and no one will persecute you. Finally, Puigdemont referred to the judiciary: “Has he already prepared his usual medical part in defense of the honorability of Spanish judges?”


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