Robert Dante Siboldi is suspended after kicking Willer Ditta


Tigres coach Robert Dante Siboldi was suspended after the attack on Willer Ditta. EFE/Isaac Esquivel

The Disciplinary Commission of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) announced the sanction that will be imposed on the Tigres coach, Robert Dante Siboldi after the attack he carried out on Willer Ditta in the Matchday 7 match against Cruz Azul, during an attempted fight in the final minutes.

The match held at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium left many situations that the Refereeing Commission had to review, especially those that had to do with what happened in the final minutes, when the heat of the match caused several players to confront each other.

One of the issues that the organization had to resolve was regarding the sanction of Willer Ditta, who allegedly insulted the central referee, Marco Antonio “Gato” Ortiz, a situation that led to a three-game punishment. Cruz Azul did not appeal the decision made regarding their player, however, they were dissatisfied with the fact that the cats’ coach had not received any card.

Remembering that the television footage revealed that he attacked Ditta with a kick, while the footballer was on his back, something that went unnoticed by the match referee due to the position in which he was found.

The Uruguayan strategist was part of the outbreak of anger at the end of the Cruz Azul vs Tigres match. Credit:cuartoscuro

Four days after the event occurred in the duel Cruz Azul vs Tigresthe Disciplinary Commission reported that after carrying out the corresponding investigation, the Tigres coach will be suspended in the Clausura 2024 of the Liga Mx.

“Following the investigation initiated by the Disciplinary Commission against Robert Dante Siboldi Badiola, coach of Club Tigres de la UANL, for alleged violent conduct against the player Willer Emilio Ditta Pérez, the Disciplinary Commission determined to sanction 3 (three) game suspension and a financial fine to the technical director,” the organization detailed in a statement.

According to the information released in the statement, with his entry into the field, Siboldi failed to comply with the article 22 of the Sanctions Regulations of the FMF, particularly in sections b) and k), which indicates that:

The Disciplinary Commission decided to suspend Siboldi for three games. (Mexsport)

“The members of the Technical Body who incur the offenses indicated below will be sanctioned as appropriate in each case.

b) Contravene the principles of sportsmanship and “Fair Play”, through actions and/or mockery towards the Match Officials, the Players, the Employees or Directors of the Affiliated Clubs, as well as the FMF Authorities or to the attending public.


k) Incite, provoke or fail to respect or insult to Players or Members of the Coaching Staff of the opposing Club or of their own Club”

The Disciplinary Commission did not disclose the amount of the fine, but they indicated that Club Tigres was warned about the coach’s future conduct, since more severe sanctions could be imposed if he commits acts of this type again.


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