Sánchez denies a relationship between the arrest of Ábalos’ advisor and his departure from the Government and says that they are “slander”


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has rejected that the arrest of the advisor of former Minister José Luis Ábalos, Koldo García Izaguirre, is related to his departure from the Government, because that would mean that he previously knew of the alleged irregularities. In his opinion, these are “slander” from the opposition whom he has reproached for not being “so zealous” with the case of the brother of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “In short, if I knew, or didn’t know, it would still be gossip on the part of the opposition,” he pointed out when asked by journalists and after the general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, complained to the president of the Government to explain whether the departure of Ábalos from the Government and from the Organization Secretariat of the PSOE is related to the alleged corruption case of García Izaguirre. “If you want me to say it much more emphatically, of course not,” she concluded. Sánchez made these statements from Rabat, where he is on an official trip, after meeting with Prime Minister Aziz Ajanuch and King Mohammed VI, in a visit that had been pending since the high-level meeting held a year ago in Morocco. “It strikes me that they are so jealous when I want to remember that Mr. Feijóo rose to the presidency of the Popular Party after a complaint from the previous leader of the Popular Party about a case of corruption of the president of the Community of Madrid, of his brother specifically,” Sánchez said. The Chief Executive has mentioned this case in which Ayuso’s brother was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged case of corruption in the purchase of masks during the pandemic, which was finally archived. However, Sánchez has stated that this matter was “neither investigated nor recriminated by the current leadership of the Popular Party.” In any case, he has assured that his Government, since he arrived at La Moncloa in 2018, has always collaborated with Justice and therefore has offered maximum collaboration and maximum transparency, “more would be needed,” he emphasized. In a press conference before the media, he indicated, beyond the judicial path that this case may have, his disapproval and the absolute reproach by the Government of any enrichment through the collection of commissions during “the tragedy” of the pandemic ” as we have unfortunately seen in other instances and in other autonomies”, in reference to the case of the Community of Madrid cited above.


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