Soccer player Javi Martínez, operated on for myopia at Clínica Baviera: “Not depending on glasses and contact lenses changes your life”


The Spanish footballer Javi Martínez, who currently plays for the Qatar Sports Club in the Qatar Football League, has undergone myopia surgery with Clínica Baviera and could not be more satisfied: “Not having to depend on glasses and contact lenses changes your life,” he acknowledges. The player had myopia since he was a child, so he had to wear glasses, and especially contact lenses, to be able to practice his profession, football. And although until now he had resisted taking the step, there were references from friends who had already had surgery at Clínica Baviera and were delighted with this ‘liberation’ that only those who have vision problems and suffer significant limitations in their daily lives understand, They encouraged him to say goodbye to his glasses forever. “From the beginning they gave me a lot of peace of mind, they resolved my doubts and made me feel very safe. In addition, the operation was very short and the postoperative period was perfect, I was surprised at how quickly everything went” he reveals, highlighting that his quality of life It has improved in a way I couldn’t imagine. “The convenience of not wearing contact lenses to play soccer, the headache I sometimes had from straining my eyes when I wasn’t wearing them, or not having to depend on glasses, make my life much easier,” he explains. . Javi Martínez is one of the many people who, leaving fears aside and betting on taking this small step that represents a big change in all aspects, both professionally and personally – like going to the beach or the pool without glasses or contact lenses! – have decided to put themselves in the hands of professionals to correct myopia, which improves the lives of many people. And this visual defect, myopia, is the most common among young people and affects 39% of the total population, according to the latest edition of the Vision Study carried out by Clínica Baviera. Furthermore, this study shows that 23% of people who have myopia feel limited when doing sports. Martínez, who has been operated on by ophthalmologist Fernando Llovet, co-founder of Clínica Baviera, reveals that “in some games I had problems with my contact lenses, losing some, and it is very bad because you are not in the game. And it is essential to be able to play calmly. “. That is why the athlete does not hesitate and, sharing his experience, he recommends to everyone who needs it, whether professional athlete or not, to visit Clínica Baviera to make the decision to have surgery and find a solution to his visual problem.


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