The Government will release a report with the State’s irregularities: there are debts of almost three billion pesos


The Government will disseminate a report with the irregularities of the State

He National government will release a report detailing each of the irregularities of the Statewith whom the president met Javier Milei upon assuming the Executive Branch. Within the data collected, debts of almost three billion pesos were found.

The spokesperson for the Presidency, Manuel Adorni, was the one who provided some details about what the document will include. “Together with State Transformation Secretariat “They have completed the report with the situation of each of the departments of the State when Javier Milei assumed the presidency,” the official announced.

In that sense, Adorni highlighted that “it is the first time that a report of these characteristics has been carried out, transversal to all national departments (114 in total).” As a preview, the official noted that they identified themselves “anomalous hiring and million-dollar debts”. “The amount owed amounts to almost three billion pesos,” he said.

As far as he could know Infobaethe report was presented on Wednesday by the General Trustee of the Nation, Miguel Blanco before the Chief of Staff. However, it is still unknown if it will be disseminated in the coming days or if it will be information that Milei will reserve to reveal during the speech on March 1, at the opening of the ordinary sessions at the Congress.

The advance of the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni

This week the results of an internal audit were released at the Ministry of Human Capitalin which they identified irregularities in the Directorate of Direct Assistance for Special Situations (DADSE). This area is responsible for granting million-dollar subsidies for the purchase of high-cost medications, such as cancer drugs or prostheses for surgery, among other supplies.

Given this scenario, the Legal Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Human Capital filed a criminal complaint that fell to the surrogate court. Julian Ercolini for the alleged crimes of “fraud against the public administration, abuse of authority and violation and breach of the duties of a public official”.

The letter does not mention proper names, but highlights that the alleged crimes “span from 2016, when an express urgent purchasing procedure was implemented to replace a de facto purchasing system, until December 10, 2023,” the date on which it took office. government Freedom Advances and the minister Sandra Pettovello decided to “audit all areas” to detect alleged crimes.

The audit in the Ministry of Human Capital was ordered by Minister Sandra Pettovello

The text also warns that “in 2019 and 2022, the Internal Audit Unit warned that the procedure that had been used since 2016 for the acquisition of drugs and other types of high-cost supplies deviated from the purchasing standards for the public administration. national”. Furthermore, as an official from the Human Capital portfolio explained to this medium: “High-cost medications were selected with informal budgets and the procedure was not so fast either because two or three weeks would pass before a patient could receive the medication or input.” that I needed.”

These data are added to the irregularities that had already been identified in the social plans; above all, in the Enhance Work. The case is in charge of the prosecutor Guillermo Marijuanhead of the Fiscal Unit for the Investigation of Crimes related to Social Security (UFISeS).

Through the investigation, it was identified that at least 9,041 provincial employees from 20 provinces and CABA received this benefit, an incompatible fact.

The Empower Work regulations highlight that one of the incompatibilities to receive the plan is “the existence of registered formal employment, with the exception of temporary or seasonal workers as contemplated.” This infraction could be classified as the crime of “fraud against the Public Administration.”

According to calculations made by the courts, the embezzlement from the National State is $705,198,000 per month, or almost eight billion pesos annualized.


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