Cristina Tárrega reveals Alejandra Rubio’s reaction when she told her that Carlo Constanzia “the kid is cute”


Cristina Tárrega is one of the well-known faces who did not want to miss this Thursday’s grand opening of ‘Jimmy’s’, the new restaurant-dinner show by Sofía Mazagatos’ husband, Tito Pajares, which was born with the ambition of resurrecting the Gabanna spirit – one of the legendary nightclubs in the capital – at night in Madrid. Since she is one of Mediaset’s most charismatic collaborators, we did not miss the opportunity to ask her about the hottest topics of the moment. And with the sincerity that characterizes her, the Valencian – very affected by the devastating fire in her city – has not hesitated to get wet about the paternity of Bertín Osborne, the arrest of Antonio Tejado and the bombshell romance between Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Constanzia . “Bertín has been unlucky, he knows it and has tried to correct it,” she says, convinced that the presenter does not have to be “calm” at this time. And if it is proven that Gabriela Guillén’s son is hers, Cristina believes that she will take a step forward: “I believe that he will take the step. She has her doubts, but I am sentimental and I think that on a day-to-day basis it will not be take charge, but if he takes charge financially… It’s not because I know him well, it’s because when he says things, in the end he softens. Look at Córdobes and his father,” he points out, without ruling out that tomorrow Bertín is going to have a relationship with his son. Changing the subject, Cristina has also talked about Isabel Pantoja’s upcoming move to Madrid, revealing that it is something that the artist “had thought about for a long time” and that she believes it will be when the tour ends when she settles in the capital. And from one tonadillera to another, because the journalist confesses that what has happened to María del Monte seems “tremendous” to her. “It’s a movie. I think it’s very painful for María if it was Antonio Tejado, and justice will have to tell her. The evidence is there and it’s striking that there hasn’t even been the option of bail, for her it’s very hard, because he loves it like a son and seeing his wife gagged* It’s also all a little bit of… I love her madly and she is a very sensible woman, very generous, but I know that this has made her very upset. , a lot of pupa” he reveals, pointing out that “with the heart he has” the folklorist does not rule out going to see his nephew in prison. “If he has asked for it a lot, I must be wrong because in the end we are all very soft,” she says. Finally, Cristina spoke with a laugh about the couple of the year, Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Constanzia and, acknowledging that “I find it very funny”, she told us that when their love story was confirmed, she wrote a message to her daughter Terelu Campos telling her “the kid is cute” and she replied “with little black hearts, I don’t know why he always gives me little black hearts, Alejandra’s thing is little black hearts.” “I can’t imagine having a relationship with a person with the bracelet, that has its discomfort, right? Yes, but on the ankle there are certain moments that are uncomfortable.”


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