Dua Lipa recommended a book by an Argentine writer and surprised her fans: “It blew my mind”


Dua Lipa recommended the book by an Argentine author (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

With millions of followers on digital platforms and many other fans around the world, Dua Lipa He became one of the most influential celebrities on the planet. Beyond her musical talent, the British singer is the owner of Service95a platform where he recommends to his followers about his tastes in different areas, such as literature.

In that sense, in the last few hours the singer confessed to her fans that she had recently been reading a book that fascinated her and is by an Argentine author. Is about Trustwork of Hernán Díaz, a renowned local writer living in New York who won the award pulitzer in 2023.

In S95 Book Club every month there is debate about “a book personally chosen by Dua Lipa, which represents writing from around the world.” Now it was the turn of the work mentioned above and in a post that she uploaded to her Instagram account, the singer made her criticism.“My monthly reading for March is Fortuna by Hernán Díaz. This book blew my mind!” the artist began, confirming that she was delighted.

Dua Lipa revealed that the book “Trust”, which was written by an Argentine writer, is one of her favorites

“Set in New York City in the 1920s and 1930s, the story of a Manhattan financier and his socialite wife is told through four ‘books’: a novel, a manuscript, a memoir, and a diary. . But which version should you trust? Is there even a true reality?, the singer continued saying, giving a preview of the plot. It should be noted that Dua’s text was written in English and the Instagram platform itself is the one that translates it.

In her writing, Dua Lipa continued her praise for the work: “As we sift our way through these competing narratives, Díaz serves us clues and false herrings in equal measure. “We know they’re playing us, but we’re not sure exactly which character is playing us.”.

“While each reader will draw their own conclusion when they reach the end of this complex and exciting book, what is never discussed is the ease with which money and power can bend reality itself. “I was obsessed and you might just be too,” concluded the singer in her review which garnered more than 270 thousand likes and hundreds of comments from her followers.

As happens in these cases, many of those who commented were Argentinian, proud to see that the artist they admire became a fan of a local writer. “Argentine author”; “My country, my country”; “Tremendous book”, “I’m going to read it”, were some of the reactions.

Fortuneis the work of Hernán Díaz that the British artist fell in love with but that also had other great successes. Many people even consider it unmissable. For example, it was the winner of the 2023 Pulitzer novel and was translated and published in Spanish by Anagrama, since it was originally titled Trust.

Hernán Díaz was born in Buenos Aires. His family went into exile in Stockholm and for two decades he has lived and written in New York.

It was published in 25 countries and will soon be adapted into a miniseries produced by HBO and will have no less than Kate Winslet as one of its protagonists. Trustwhich arrived in Argentina in March 2023 and was originally written in English, follows the story of Benjamin Rask a legendary tycoon of those who shone in the 20s of the last century in the United States.

The pages of Trustwritten through four voices and four different literary genres, attempt to reflect on what role wealth plays in the national identity of the United States and what the American myth of the self made man, that is, the man who invents himself. According to critics in that country, the novel is “a biting narrative puzzle” that also asks who has the power to define the true version of history.


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