Euskadi assumes responsibility for Cercanías railways and the approval of foreign titles


The technical presentations of the central and Basque governments on transfers to Euskadi held this Friday have reached agreements for the transfer to Euskadi of Cercanías rail passenger transport services and the homologation of foreign titles. These agreements will have to be ratified later in the Joint Transfer Commission. In an emergency appearance in Vitoria, the Basque Minister of Public Governance and Self-Government, Olatz Garamendi, has indicated that it has been an “intense” process in which in the last few hours work has been done “hard” to reach an agreement that makes it possible to offer these services to Basque citizens “in the best conditions”. “All transfers are important for the Basque Government, to the extent that they all contribute in one way or another to greater well-being and greater development of Euskadi, with self-government as a driving force,” she said. Regarding the agreement on Cercanías trains, he pointed out that “although there were voices that had been taking it for granted for a long time, it is necessary to highlight the tenacity” that the Basque Government has had to apply so that this matter goes to Euskadi “in conditions satisfactory and with the possibility of improving standards”. “An investment plan is necessary to be able to modernize the machinery and infrastructure and, thanks to our insistence, we have it. It was necessary to consider some infrastructure and thanks also to this patience and determination we also have it,” he stated, adding who wanted to open the possibility of the existence of Cercanías in the historic territory of Álava and they have achieved it. “The transfer had to be rigorously adjusted to the system and methodology of the economic agreement. With a lot of patience and discipline, we have done it,” he celebrated, to highlight that the Basque Government at all times “puts the interests of Basque citizens before opportunity.” policy”. “We could have closed this agreement and taken a photo a long time ago, but the agreement would be practically empty to offer what we think is an excellent service to our citizens and that is our ultimate objective,” she indicated. In this sense, she stated that “this is not a mere change of hands in the management of a service, but rather the recognition of our capacity to address the development and territorial cohesion of this territory, of our country.” “The agreement involves the transfer of the services of the Cercanías sections of Bilbao and Donosti and the possibility of declaring new services in Álava, which currently does not have any suburban service, and on the Bilbao-Carranza line. Likewise, the access lines to the Port of Bilbao will be transferred at the end of the execution of the southern railway variant,” he explained. With this transfer, as he has indicated, Euskadi will assume the management of schedules, frequencies, rates, inspection or sanctions, among other functions. Another point contained in this agreement is an investment plan in infrastructure to improve them and that contemplates the implementation of around 100 actions, for a value of around 400 million euros. A schedule for the renewal of current trains with newer ones is also added to the agreement. The estimated cost of this transfer is expected to be around 92.7 million euros. APPROVAL OF TITLES Regarding the second of the transfers agreed upon today, the Basque Government assumes the management of the homologation and equivalence of foreign titles so that they have the same effects as state titles or academic levels. The counselor stated that this transfer acquires “great relevance, at a time of need for professionals from different sectors.” “Thus, Euskadi will be the only autonomous community that will manage this procedure. The estimated economic valuation of this transfer is linked to the adjustment to the management of the titles through fees,” she added.


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