Passports: Foreign Ministry suspended new tender to carry out “a complete review”


For the second time the tender for the production of passports in Colombia is suspended – Colprensa credit

One of the scandals that surrounded the Government of Gustavo Petro was the tender for the preparation of passports in Colombia, which in September 2023 had the country in suspense due to possible irregularities and which cost Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva the temporary suspension for three months. .

During the afternoon of February 23, History repeats itself and the Foreign Ministry reported that the bidding process for the preparation of passports was suspendedwhich had several interested firms and several details will be reviewed to continue again, but without determining how long.

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It is worth remembering that the Superior Court of Bogotá ratified the three-month suspension against Álvaro Leyva, issued by the Attorney General’s Office in January 2024, while the case is investigated for possible irregularities in the previous process and that it took a new direction due to alleged extortion against the minister

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported, through a message on the Secop website, that process 003 of 2023 for the preparation of passports was suspended until further order, without giving further explanations about the reasons for said decision.

“Best regard, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs interested parties that the “Passports – Public Tender 003 of 2023” process has been suspended. in order to carry out a complete review of the observations presented and in order to make the most appropriate decisions for the interests of the country” it said on the web portal.

According to the newspaper Timethe firms that were interested in the process presented their questions and concerns, some of them were the samples with specifications of the current passport, that international laboratories are the ones that review the notebooks, the lack of a bidding schedule, among others.

The company in charge of making the passports is Thomas Greg & Sons, which in September 2023 was going to win the first tender, but the Foreign Ministry stopped it and from that day on the whole current scandal began that left Minister Álvaro Leyva In the eye of the hurricane.

One of the companies interested in the current process told the aforementioned newspaper that the new suspension would most benefit the entity that continues to make those notebooks: “If they cut time in the contracting processes, they harm the other interested companies.”

Another point mentioned is that, apparently, priority would be given to the National Printing Office to produce the passports: “If it assumes this role, it has to guarantee that the passports and visas have all the security elements or they will begin to close the doors to us.” of dozens of airports, demanding permits that had already been demolished.”

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