Rains in Peru LIVE: Piura, Tumbes, Yurimaguas and other regions of the country affected by rainfall and floods


Rain and wind in Ucayali

Intense rain and strong winds were recorded in the province of Coronel Portillo, Pucallpa. It is expected that these conditions will still persist in the context of the meteorological warning of rain in the central-southern jungle given by Senamhi.

Rains in Piura

The rainfall in the last few hours has caused the Nico Rivas stream to be activated in the district of San Juan de Bigote, province of Morropón, according to local media.

Rains in Tumbes affect agricultural fields

Fuerza Popular congressman, Héctor Ventura, traveled to Tumbes due to the rains. He stated that several agricultural fields had been flooded by the rains and that the situation was difficult. He assured that there are several points to clear. “The Minister of Agriculture has an arduous job, there are schools that have been left in poor condition and medical posts in a deplorable state,” he told RPP.

Rain in Yurimaguas

The rain in this area of ​​eastern Peru has flooded several streets and means that citizens and minors have to travel in improvised rafts such as refrigerators. The 11-hour rainfall comes after four days of intense heat. Around 35 families have been affected.

Rains of heavy to moderate intensity

Rains of moderate to strong intensity will endure the central and southern jungle from today, Friday, February 23, until Sunday the 25th, and will be accompanied by electric shocks and gusts of wind with speeds close to 40 kilometers per hour, according to the National Service. of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi), so it is necessary to adopt protective measures.

Rains of heavy to moderate intensity (Andean)

Agricultural insurance for affected people

Jennifer Contreras, Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, assures that her sector is working in coordination with local authorities to use motor pumps and other machinery to mitigate the effects of floods and rains. She also said, in an interview with RPP, an Agrobanco team has detected 500 affected farmers who grow bananas and rice. For them, agricultural insurance will be activated and credit will be provided, she mentioned.

The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Jennifer Contreras. (Photo: Andina)

Departments affected

Accumulated rainfall is expected nearby at 45 millimeters per day (mm/day) in the central jungle and around 55 mm/day in the southern jungle. The Senamhi indicates that The departments of possible affectation are Ayacucho (provinces of Huanta and La Mar), Cusco (La Convencion, Paucartambo and Quispicanchi), Junin (Chanchamayo, Junín and Satipo), Mother of God (Tambopata, Manu and Tahuamanu), Pasco (Oxapampa) and Ucayali (Watchtower).




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