They arrested two suspects for the double crime of the brothers in Salta


Roberto and Néstor Suárez lived together on the La Unión farm

After four days of investigation to find those responsible for the crime of both siblings 70 and 73 years oldbeaten and murdered on a farm in Colonel Moldes, Jump, Justice arrested two young suspects.

The cause, which has as victims Robert (70) and Nestor Suarez (73), is directed by the criminal prosecutor of the Serious Attacks against Persons Unit (UGAP) 2, Gabriel Gonzalezwho ordered the execution of various raids.

After exhaustive investigative work by the UGAP and the different departments of the Fiscal Investigation Corps (CIF), two young men, aged 22 and 26, involved in the crime, were arrested yesterday. homicide happened on the farm The Unionwhere the deceased resided.

As he was able to know Telam Through the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Salta, throughout all the operations carried out, different elements of interest for the development of the investigation were seized.

Both detainees were brought to justice. The first, who is representing an official defense, abstained from testifying and was charged with the crimes of homicide criminis causa and treachery, until more data is available in the investigation. The prosecutor asked for preventive prison to the Court of Guarantees 5.

Regarding the second, he will be charged in the next few hours, after the legality control hearing before the Guarantee Court on duty.

The Renault Clío that was reported as abandoned and belonged to one of the victims

The incident became known on February 18, when both victims were found dead inside their home. What was shocking was the state in which they were found, with blows to the head and one of them, with an alleged handcuff on his wrist.

The macabre scene was discovered thanks to a call to 911 due to the presence of a car. Renault Clio abandoned for three days in the town of The laneat the entrance to the place The Mollar, something that caught the officers’ attention. Upon inspecting the vehicle they were able to verify that it belonged to one of the Suárez brothers, so they immediately went to the farm where he lived, located about three kilometers from the town of Coronel Moldes.

There, they collected testimonial information that indicated that they had not heard from the brothers for more than a week. Even medical professionals who cared for one of them noticed his absence when it came to treating the varicose ulcer that prevented one of them from moving. The other brother, likewise, had vision problems.

After an exhaustive search, they were unable to find his whereabouts, so they decided to contact his immediate family, who gave them access to the house, which they entered through the back. Thus, they observed that between the kitchen and the dining room Roberto was lying.

In this way, members of the Fiscal Investigation Corps (CIF) began their respective tasks under the orders of Gabriel González. In addition, the corresponding autopsies and other complementary studies were ordered to detail the causes of deaths. In any case, the main hypothesis considered by the researchers is that it was a double homicide during robbery.

As local media reported, Roberto, nicknamed “Pirulo” and Néstor, also known as “Negro,” were very close. In addition, he announced that the brothers had sold a large number of lots. According to the information that the local media was able to access The First of the Valley, The brothers kept sums of money in the house in La Unión and that, for the police, someone could have transmitted the information to the criminals.


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