Who are the parents of Daniel Bisogno, host of Ventaneando?


(Twitter: @VentaneandoUno)

Daniel Bisogno He is constantly involved in controversy due to his acidic opinions on personalities in the national artistic environment. However, he has very rarely shared information regarding his personal life.

Until a few years ago it was unknown that the reporter and host of ‘TV Azteca’, Alex B., is his younger brother and both are nephews of Angélica María. Therefore, they are also cousins ​​of Angelica Vale.

The actor also gave an interview for the program ‘Ventaneando’ within the framework of ‘Mother’s Day’ 2021, where he broke the silence about his relationship with his mother: Araceli Bisogno.

Until now, it is unknown from which part of his family his relationship with Angélica María derives. (Credit: Ventaneando, YouTube)

“My mother was always very affectionate with us, she always treated us very well. She threw the flip-flop at us, yes, but since someone was on the move. “She made me go get my dad’s soda every day, publicly, she yelled at me wherever I was so that I would go get my dad’s Coca,” she declared.

Daniel Bisogno also remembered his favorite dishes: rabioli, spaghetti bolognese and chicken with cream.

And he confessed that he was almost ‘lost’ when he was a child because of the passengers of a truck:

“My mom was really the one who took me and my two brothers to all the castings and everything. Until one day he left without me on a Ruta 100, I will never forget that. We were on our way to a casting and suddenly, you know that they take you down against your will because of the amount of people there are, so I was going behind and they took me down there,” she said.

Mrs. Araceli married Don Concho when she was 15 years old. (Twitter: @AztecaUno)

“The truck started with my mother on top and I was chasing her all over Taxqueña Avenue, I yelled ‘get off’ but my mother waited for about two or three more stops.”

In the end, the driver assured that his mother remains his biggest fan.

That same year, the driver also spoke about his father within the framework of ‘Father’s Day’. Without going into details, he commented that Don ‘Concho’ was responsible for instilling in him family values ​​and some domestic tasks that he never learned.

The man is a public accountant by profession, so he expected Daniel to follow in his footsteps, but that never happened: “I’m an accountant, but I’m a gossip accountant.”

The real name of Daniel’s father is unknown. (Twitter: @AztecaUno)

“The relationship with my dad is wonderful, it has always been very good. When he was young, he was very demanding. He was very strict, he didn’t let me arrive after 2:00 in the morning, he didn’t let me stay at anyone’s house, he was very energetic. He insisted a lot that I study because he is a professional,” he declared.


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