17-year-old Peruvian teenager entered 5 universities, published 2 books: Now he is preparing to work at NASA


A 17-year-old Peruvian teenager entered five universities, published two books and is preparing to work at NASA. (Video: TV Peru)

Resilience, passion and dedication are the words that describe the meteoric rise of Santiago José Maza Mangarrea 17-year-old Peruvian boy who already published two books, He entered five of the most prestigious universities in the country with a notable score and is preparing to make the leap to the National Aeronautics and Space Administrationbetter known as the POT for its acronym in English.

The path that Santiago took was not easy, and he knows that what he has left to travel will not be easy either, but he always received the support of his relatives, friends and teachers to overcome the problems that were appearing in books and life itself.

His breaking point was at age 12. At that age, while his classmates were divided between playing games, watching animated series or experiencing his first love affairs, he discovered two things: his love for mathematics and the imperative need to boost their knowledge in science.

Thanks to the teachings of everyone around him, the young student understood that the complexity of the formulas math They were not going to be an impediment to completing the advanced studies that he had planned to undertake and, much less, to stop his dreams and desires.

The young student intensifies his efforts to get a job at NASA. (Photo: Andina)

Maza Mangarre published his first book in 2022. It was titled ‘Mathematical Proofs’ because inside materialized the knowledge he had at that time.

According to Andean Agency, he did it in honor of his late mother. In this way she found comfort and hope in the midst of the darkness that came with losing a loved one at an early age. His debut work can be purchased through amazon.

His second book was called ‘Study manual’. In it he offers strategies to optimize learning and shares valuable tips to have a different perspective on how to study effectively no matter the environment you find yourself in.

“It is not only a practical guide, but also a testimony of how to turn challenges into opportunities for personal and academic growth,” he declared to the aforementioned media. “My goal is to positively impact my community, promoting the idea that difficulties are an opportunity for growth,” she added.

Santiago José Maza Mangarre has published two books: ‘Mathematical Demonstrations’ and ‘Study Manual’. (Photo: Andina)

Santiago José not only used his talent to publish books, but also focused it on entering several universities in Peru, leaving an indelible mark on the general count of all the entrance exams he took.

At the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) he obtained the highest score in the history of the institution, totaling 918.8 points. In addition, he obtained first places at the National Agrarian University La Molina. the National University of Engineering, the National University of San Marcos and the National University of Callao.

(Infobae Composition: Andean)

One of the dreams that the prodigious Peruvian has yet to fulfill is to become an aerospace engineer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)located in USAand then take the big leap to POT.

There, Santiago would like to create his own artificial intelligence, which promotes continuous learning. Also, he is interested in develop innovative technologies for fuel-free space travel.

To achieve his next goal, the young man is in the final phase to obtain the Comet Scholarship. While that is happening, you have chosen to enroll in the organization Global Guided Research Programwhere you will learn quantum computing in pursuit of publishing a scientific article.

“Due to my lack of resources to pay the US$350 that the program cost, I applied for a scholarship from the organization, for which I had to present my CV and write several essays,” he stated.

“One can have not so good times, but the important thing is that you like what you are doing. Focusing on learning is the key, and the results will be the consequence of your desire to learn,” she concluded.


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