Carmen Borrego, the big star signing of ‘Survivors 2024’


‘Survivors 2024′ has announced a stellar signing that promises to give a lot to talk about. Carmen Borrego, recognized for being part of one of the most famous clans on television, has decided to embark on an adventure and head to Honduras to participate in this extreme edition of the reality show. Although we have seen María Teresa Campos’ daughter in various roles within the world of television, we had never seen her in the role of an adventurer before. “I don’t believe it myself. Where could I have gone to make this decision? I’m scared to death, but once I commit, I do it. I don’t know if I’ll do it right or wrong,” Carmen herself confesses in her video. presentation for the program. With a mixture of excitement and fear, Carmen declares that her main objective is not to disappoint herself: “I really want to and I hope that this desire overcomes the fear.” Beyond being the daughter of María Teresa Campos and the sister of Terelu, Carmen has a solid professional career in television, having participated in some of the most successful programs in the medium. Now, she is preparing to face one of the biggest challenges of her life in ‘Survivors 2024’.


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