Rebeca Escribens was surprised to learn that Christian Domínguez betrayed Pamela Franco: “It’s the darkest thing”


Rebeca Escribens was surprised to learn that Christian Domínguez betrayed Pamela Franco: “It’s the darkest thing.” | America TV.

Magaly Medina He dared to reveal the conversation he had with Pamela Lopez a few weeks ago, in which He confessed that he found out about Christian Cueva’s infidelity with Pamela Franco for a call from Christian Dominguezwho at that time had been discovered being unfaithful to the cumbia singer.

This fact did not go unnoticed by other television programs, so different hosts were encouraged to comment on the subject. One of them was Rebeca Escribns, presenter of ‘América Espectáculos’. She confessed that she never imagined that the cumbia singer would dare to do so much, to the point of making the mother of his daughter look bad.

Likewise, he indicated that in the nine years that he has been in charge of this entertainment space, it is the darkest thing that he has had to relate, even his production colleagues were stunned to learn that Christian Domínguez destroyed his ex-partner with the sole intention of not be socially harmed.

Pamela Franco and her message after knowing that Domínguez betrayed her.

“I must confess that, after 9 years of sitting on this bench, it is the darkest thing I have had to comment on or present. “I had never seen the self-goal look of all my teammates, with so much news,” she said.

It is worth mentioning that the rumors of a rapprochement between Pamela Franco and Christian Cueva They emerged in 2018. Although on that occasion the cumbia singer denied any romantic relationship with the soccer player, in 2024 she had to confirm that this extramarital affair did exist.

Likewise, a rumor arose on social networks that Christian Domínguez had been the person who leaked this information, so when he appeared on ‘América Hoy’, he flatly denied that said information was real; However, now the opposite has been shown.

Pamela Franco denies having referred to Christian Cueva in a derogatory manner. (Photo: Capture of America)

Pamela Franco is affected by Pamela López’s recent revelations, because she never thought that Christian Dominguez I was going to betray her to his wife. Christian Cueva. As recalled, the cumbiambera said a few weeks ago that her daughter’s father knew about the romance she had had with the soccer player.

Now, the singer does not know why the businessman made the decision to rat her out to the player’s partner after his infidelity with different women became public. Likewise, she indicated that she will wait for the statement from her former partner to find out what exactly happened.

“With him, I find the same answers. I would like to see what he says, because I imagine that he will not remain silent and will already have his version. Now I don’t want to talk, for emotional peace and the tranquility of my daughter. Now, the best thing is to stay on the sidelines until we see how far he gets with all this,” she said.

Finally, he sent a warning to Christian Dominguez, ensuring that she is not going to stay silent at any time, this despite the fact that she does not want to continue being involved in a scandal. “He will always be my daughter’s father, but I’m not made of iron either. “I am not going to wait for all the blows to be directed at me, and the others to fall as if nothing had happened,” she expressed.

Pamela Franco promotes her song in the midst of the Christian Domínguez scandal.


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