Why did Chivas advance the return of Chicharito Hernández against Pumas?


Chivas announced the return of Chicharito Hernández (X/@Chivas)

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez He returned to the Liga Mx after 14 years, appearing in the matchday 8 of Clausura 2024 against Pumas, entering in the final minutes, however, it has been made known that this was not the initial plan of Fernando Gago and his team. coaching staff, although an important reason led them to bring in the Mexican forward despite not being ready.

One of the moments that the fans were most looking forward to Chivas It was the return of the “Prodigal Son”, after his signing for the current Mexican tournament was announced, remembering that he was recovering from a knee injury that had him without playing since mid-2023.

The red and white coach, Fernando Gago He wanted to take his recovery slowly, allowing Chicharito to be 100% ready before considering him in the first team, avoiding a possible new injury, taking into consideration the time he had spent inactive.

Although there were many rumors regarding the date on which he would take the field with Guadalajara, the institution always made it clear that everything would depend on his evolution, but that they hoped to have him at the beginning of March, when they faced Cruz Azul in the Liga Mx or al America In the Concacaf Champions Cup, however, the team surprised by putting him in the match against Pumas.

Hernández Balcázar came on as a substitute in the 88th minute in the match against Pumas. REUTERS/Ivan Arias

Javier Hernández was not yet in optimal condition to return to the fields, but he ended up entering in the final minutes of the game against the Universitarios, at the Akron stadium, when the game was already decided by 3 to 1 in favor of his team.

According to information from The SniperFernando Gago’s idea was to hold off Chicharito’s return until he was at 100%, allowing him to have more minutes, however, the television station that has the rights to broadcast Chivas in the United States pressured for the forward to enter again. change.

As mentioned by the columnist in Recordthe reason for this is because they wanted their return to the Liga Mx to take place in their stadium and in front of their people, something that would allow them to have it on their signal, taking into consideration that their next game will be away against Blue Cross and then they will play in the Champions Cup against América, a tournament to which they do not have the rights.

The network that owns the broadcast rights in the United States was the one who requested its entry. REUTERS/Ivan Arias

It was expected that Chicharito Hernandez had greater relevance against said rivals, so it was important that it be presented sooner, regardless of the fact that it was not yet ready. The chain only made the recommendation, which was attended to by Amaury Vergara and Fernando Hierro, who convinced Fernando Gago to give the Mexican attacker minutes.

Javier Hernández entered the 88th minute in place of Fernando Beltrán, having the opportunity to touch the ball on a few occasions, but allowing the red and white fans to experience his return in the Akron StadiumIn addition, it could be broadcast live for all the followers that Chivas has in the United States.

If the coaching staff considers it necessary, the forward could enter the duel against La Maquina on Matchday 10 and also have minutes against the Águilas in the first leg of the Round of 16 in the Champions Cup, following the plan for him to be a starter in the duel against León, when he has completed his recovery, a match that will be at the Akron Stadium.


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