210 gifted children and their parents were awarded in Sasovo

210 gifted children and their parents were awarded in Sasovo

On December 19, talented children were awarded at the Municipal Cultural Center in Sasov. The ceremony was called “To the Top of Success – 2022”. On this day, they traditionally congratulate excellent students, winners and prize-winners of subject Olympiads, as well as various competitions.

Seven students received cash prizes for high achievements in intellectual and creative activities. They were presented with the award by philanthropists – Director of Stroytekh LLC Roman Dzyuba and Director of Class-R LLC Igor Rakovsky.

The head of the administration of Sasov Evgenia Rubtsova:

“I was glad to present awards to 61 schoolchildren in the nomination “Intellectual Olympus”. Special thanks to parents. Of course, behind the success of every child is the titanic work of teachers. Thank you very much to them too. Thanks to you, our future is in the safe hands of smart, comprehensively developed individuals!”

114 children received awards from the chairman of the City Duma Gennady Manukhin, his deputy Yuri Davydov, deputy Olga Avankina, chairman of the parent committee Natalya Dmitrieva.

Gennady Manukhin:

“I thank everyone who is already contributing to the development of the city, our region and our Fatherland. Today is your moment of glory. This is for you to build and live in a prosperous Russia in the near future.”

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