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A bus burnt to the ground on Serovskiy Trakt

On the Yekaterinburg-Serov highway, an intercity bus burned down, in which 22 passengers and 2 shift drivers were traveling. No harm done.

According to the UGIBDD for the Sverdlovsk region, the incident occurred on December 19 at 9:45 am at the 107th kilometer of the Serov tract in the Nevyansk region. The Chinese bus King Long carried passengers from Yekaterinburg to Severouralsk. At some point, the driver noticed that the temperature in the engine was rising.

In accordance with the job description, the driver stopped the bus on the right side of the road, dropped all the people out of the passenger compartment and went to find out the cause of the problem. Under the hood, the man smelled burning, and then saw a fire.

He immediately called rescuers and traffic police. According to the regional head office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire area was 30 square meters. It was put out by two fire crews. They managed to localize the flames in a few minutes.

As a result of the incident, no one was injured. Passengers were forced to get to their destination by passing transport.

Bus fire / Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region

Bus fire / Ministry of Emergencies in the Sverdlovsk region

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