A modest Christmas in Vmoland: Karlos, due to his injury, asked for another brush, another advertisement for baguettes

How can we tell the children that there will be no Christmas? If I beat up Kincl, it would mean that we would have a rich Jek. If the kids told me they wanted to fly to Dubai, we’d fly to Dubai like hell. Thanks to this salvation I can fulfill to them what he never had, stated Karlos Vmola in the Sportovn kavrna podcast.

The popular MMA fighter boasted that for the fight Patrick Kincle he was supposed to get the biggest payday in his life.

Historically, I should get you the most pension I’ve ever received for any job. It would be a thing not for Marp, but also a thing not for Attila Vagh. You estkrt thing, Karlos revealed in the mentioned event.

The two editorial offices of Expres reported that Vmol’s payment, according to our sources from within the Czech MMA, was supposed to be around 2-3 million crowns. From the previous interviews, it is clear that Vmola was dealing with these pensions, and this is therefore a very noticeable interference in the budget.

But that’s not the case. Due to an injury that sent Terminator to the hospital and kept him out of the thorn for several weeks, Karlos had a very interesting fight.

On December 27, he was to moderate the organization’s gala in Brno together with Attila Vgh Fight Night Challengewhere, for example, his good friend Michal Martnek will box, but you are also known as rappers Rytmus and Frayer Flexking, as well as sexy singers Dominika Mirgov and Alessia Capparelli.

Karlos will understandably not moderate the event due to injuries. Of course he didn’t have to chisel it for free, he shared with us a source under the condition of anonymity.

Attila Vgh and Karlos Vmola

Vmola fast food TV: Promotes the Lok Lak baguette!

Vmola, who really liked the role of the sparrow and is getting better at the show, has never hidden the fact that, in addition to the money for the rescues, he also has regular income from advertisements, which keeps him afloat in a difficult situation.

What I get from marketing, I take as an obligation to pay bills, mortgages, and so on. Otherwise, I work in such a way that I spend as much as I can. It always hits my shoes, so I have to beat someone again, said Karlos not long after.

After social media, a new ad for the new Lok Lak baguette from Fastfood’s Boulevard line. If you don’t eat a healthy delicacy, Vmola recommends first.

Charles V

to make life drunk not only with vultures, but also with reindeer, hard on the advertising banner of a loser who was ridiculed by Internet critics for promoting a baguette with slow-cooked beef.

However, Vmola does not respond to negative reactions. Shortly before that, he did not leave the Motola hospital, but he told both haters and fans that he had been detoxing from social media for two years.

I’m off social media for the next week because I need to get my head straight. It’s quite a drag on the box when one day you’re at the top of your career and within two weeks you’re a wreck that’s going to go down the drain, he said in a video for the server.

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