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A monument to Peter I was unveiled in front of the Taganrog plant “Priboy”

The Taganrog plant “Priboy” celebrated its 83rd anniversary. The main activity of the enterprise is the manufacture of hydroacoustic systems for surface ships and submarines. Almost all surface ships of the Navy that use hydroacoustic means are equipped with the plant’s products. This year, the growth of production volumes at Priboy increased by 20%. Today, the plant employs more than 1300 people.

  • Our products are for special purposes. We manufacture and supply more than 90% of the equipment for the needs of the Navy in order to meet the needs of the shipbuilding industry,” said Alexei Voskresensky, General Director of the Priboy plant.

The full cycle of product manufacturing takes place at the plant: from the design of complexes, the creation of all parts and ending with assembly and shipment to the ship.

For 10 months of this year, the growth in production at the enterprise increased by 20%, and the volume of shipment – by 33.2%. At present, serial production of piezoceramics has been launched, which meets both the needs of the plant and third-party organizations.

Now the plant is actively recruiting for the main workers and engineering specialties. In the sphere of its social facilities, “Priboy” has a Sports Palace, a swimming pool, a canteen on the territory of the enterprise, a medical center, and a technical library.

The solemn opening ceremony of the monument to Peter I, which was installed on the territory of the enterprise, was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the plant. It was attended by the head of the administration of Taganrog Mikhail Solonitsin. The best employees of “Priboy” were awarded letters of thanks and certificates of honor.

Photo by Anatoly Ivashov

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