A new elevator was installed in the Ryazan cardiodispensary

A new elevator was installed in the Ryazan cardiodispensary

A new passenger elevator was installed in the Ryazan cardiodispensary. This was reported on December 14 in the regional Ministry of Health.

It was possible to buy an elevator at the expense of funds saved by the results of the auction for the repair of the roof of the medical facility.

The load capacity of the new elevator is 630 kg. It was developed specifically for medical institutions. There is enough space in the cabin for both a wheelchair and a wheelchair with a seriously ill patient. A modern lift connects all floors of the dispensary.

“It is important that the elevator will pass next to two intensive care units. So far, this is the only chamber. This is not very convenient. In the near future, there will be another one, next to the X-ray operating room. Thus, the time of delivery of the patient to the operating table is significantly reduced. Not only the “golden hour” is observed, but also the “golden” minutes, which is vital for our patients,” said Alexander Danilov, head physician of the Ryazan cardiodispensary.

The new lift is also designed for patients with joint diseases and patients with cerebrovascular accidents. It will make life easier for many patients.

There are now a total of three elevators in the Cardiodispensary. In the future, they plan to install a fourth lift.

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