A participant in a fatal accident with Sergey Puskepalis spoke about his condition after the accident

On the tragic day of September 20, 56-year-old Georgy Avgustovsky was driving a truck into which the actor crashed into a Ford Transit. According to the man, for a whole week after the accident he was in a state of “vegetable”, now his treatment continues.

Avgustovsky lost his job, seriously undermined his health and now does not know where and how to work after being discharged from the hospital. The driver received fractures of 15 ribs and scapula, as well as a concussion. A few days ago, the Ilizarov apparatus was removed from the man’s hand. George added that he constantly experiences pain in his head due to a craniocerebral injury, his upper lip does not rise and his right eye does not close.

Immediately after the accident, he described what happened like this: “I was driving in my lane, everything happened in two seconds. I managed to see how the minibus hit the truck, then it was carried away, it jumped as if on a springboard and flew into my windshield. I got pinched.” The car in which the actor was driving was thrown from this blow into the oncoming lane, where there was a collision with a truck, which became fatal for Sergei Puskepalis.

Grave of Sergei Puskepalis

After the incident, the driver admitted that he had reviewed many films with the participation of Puskepalis. He called the deceased artist a very kind, talented and honest person.

Actor Sergei Puskepalis is buried in the city cemetery of Zheleznovodsk next to his parents. On his last journey, he was escorted with applause and tears. The actor’s widow and son did not utter a word. There were no screams, no sobs. The grave was strewn with flowers and wreaths, including those from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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