A quarter of Muscovites do not eat fast food at all

In any case, they assure that they do not eat. The survey was conducted by analysts from the Dostavista delivery service. They decided to find out which fast food is still the most popular, and interviewed Muscovites.

Oddly enough, the most common answer is no, 26% of respondents said they don’t eat fast food at all. In the first place of the big three fast food was KFC with 20% of the votes, in second – “Tasty – and that’s it” with 19%. But in third place is not Burger King, as you might think, but shawarma – fast food bundles, with or without onions, is chosen by 17% of Muscovites. And already in fourth place is Burger King.

Another situation, if you look at the amount of spending on fast food. In the summer, “Tasty – and that’s it” just overtook KFC, according to Tinkoff Data analysts. The successor to McDonald’s accounted for a 44% share, and fast food chicken only 32%. But this is all over Russia.

Completely different polling data in St. Petersburg. There, the first place of honor is occupied by shawarma, then comes “Tasty – and that’s it” and only then KFC.

Photo:, press service of Dostavista


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