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About 5 thousand state public pages have been created in the Rostov region

More than 50% of social media users read the public pages of authorities and government agencies. Such results were obtained as a result of a sociological study conducted by ANO Dialog.

Vladimir Tabak, Director General of Dialogue, noted that state public spaces are the basic infrastructure of power for working on the Internet.

– The goal for 2023 is to improve the quality of content. This is a big challenge for us: on average, there are 1,700 public pages per region, while most government agencies do not have the opportunity to hire an individual specialist. Since the fall of this year, on the basis of the SDGs, together with the regions, we have launched a comprehensive system of full-time training and motivation for existing administrators of state publics. We will continue and intensify this work,” Vladimir Tabak said.

It should be noted that now more than 130 thousand pages of departments and subordinate institutions are functioning in Runet, a unified procedure for the work of state bodies in social networks has been created. Only in the Rostov region there are about 5 thousand state publics.

At the regional level, the regional management centers and subdivisions of ANO “Dialogue Regions” are responsible for the implementation of the law on state public entities. In 2022, more than 3,000 educational events were held for community administrators, both in person and online.

VK CEO Vladimir Kiriyenko believes that the VKontakte social network offers a variety of tools and formats. This allows you to create interesting content for different user groups.
The most popular tools are stories, articles, short videos, and live streams. In particular, the broadcasts of the heads of regions are in demand among users and gain hundreds of thousands of views.

The official VK page of the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev has more than 13 thousand subscribers, the telegram channel of the head of the region has more than 30 thousand.

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