About a thousand people stuck in Vnukovo due to a mistake by travel agencies

Due to sanctions, some flights were unable to fly, but passengers were not informed about this in advance.

How report RIA Novosti, most flights from Russia to Egypt were carried out through the sky over Jordan. However, the authorities of this country banned I Fly from December 15 to use their airspace. The problem arose due to the carrier’s lack of an A ++ class insurance certificate issued in London, which is impossible to obtain due to sanctions.

The airline has reported the issue to tour operators. Despite this, several flights were scheduled for this morning, which had to be rescheduled when passengers (who were not told anything in advance) were already at the airport.

Representatives of Tez Tour and I Fly say: “Due to the closure of airspace by Jordan, I Fly flights F7711 and F7709 to Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as F7707 to Hurghada, are delayed. Airport staff and passengers are informed about the time. Tourists waiting for departure at Vnukovo airport will receive vouchers for water and food in accordance with the established FAP-82 rules. Those of them who expressed such a desire were settled in the hotel, this is more than 260 people.

Those stranded at the airport themselves say: “There was no official cancellation. It’s just that today we were supposed to have a flight to Sharm at 9.30, and we were met by a board with a flight delay until 17.30. So, now we are thinking whether the flight will be canceled or not.” “Flights were delayed, who wanted to check into a hotel with breakfast, those who stayed at the airport also received breakfast vouchers. We wait. <... > Representatives of the airline did not communicate with us, no one promises us anything and does not explain what will happen and how. The situation is normal,” adds another passenger.

By information Baza, about a thousand people were stuck at the airport due to delays, some of whom were then settled in hotels. The publication also adds that travel agencies simply ignored the airline’s warning about the impossibility of flying. Arriving at Vnukovo, passengers found only closed check-in windows for I Fly, in which there were no employees.

There is information that all flights were once again postponed, this time – at eight o’clock in the evening. “The planes that were supposed to take us are in Egypt and are not moving anywhere. The flight is constantly rescheduled, but it probably won’t happen.” leads REN TV words of one of the passengers.

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