Abraham Russo: my parents made me happy

The singer performed as a guest of honor at the New Year’s ball “True Values”, which was held in the metropolitan “Metropol” for the tenth time. In an interview with Russian Telenedelya, Abraham Russo told why it is so important now to revive the cultural traditions of Russia.

– For me, the attitude to life is very important: life in itself is the value, – says Abraham. I am very glad that forgotten traditions are returning to Russia. Seventy years lasted a sad period, the time of atheism, when God was forgotten. But Christmas is a sacred holiday. Now people are beginning to re-understand what true values ​​are. Yes, we share this world, this country with different confessions. They are our friends, brothers. But I myself, you and I, must not lose our traditions. As a child, they didn’t inspire me with all this – no, but they invested. A raised child is a saved child. We all have this in our blood; we, Orthodox people, cannot lose our face.

Abraham Russo

– On New Year’s Eve, we all become a little children and believe in miracles. Does this happen to you? What traditions did you grow up with?

– I believed that St. Nicholas is Santa Claus, it’s him, he comes and gives gifts. My parents did not deceive me with this – on the contrary, they made me happy! And I still don’t forget it. Every adult has a child inside. I want to believe in miracles – they are. Sometimes I watch fairy tales – people analyze everything differently, but being a child from time to time is a pleasure. If you pay attention, you will see miracles happen every day. After all, God is with us. And this is how I bring up my children: yes, Santa Claus is real, he lives somewhere in the north. This is also our tradition, with Christmas, faith in all the best comes to us.

Abraham Russo

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