After Kurkov as Olga Havlov, Danue Nerudov also appeared on the cover of Vogue!

It has been 11 years since Vclav Havel took off his clothes. Most of us still have vivid memories not only of that day, but also of the ever-present feeling of anxiety about what would happen to the company if I left with him, she wrote on Instagram on a sad summer day Danue Nerudov.

It does not matter at all that the president is limited in the number of terms he can serve. Even though Vclav Havel wasn’t president for 8 years, he hasn’t lost an iota of his innate authority. Like an Indian girl who will leave her tribe, and when her time will really come. His presence gave many people the certainty that there will always be someone in the developing democracy who will harm him as if he were his own child. I had a door, the presidential candidate let herself be heard.

I am glad that the values ​​he fought for in his life have not disappeared from society. Don’t be afraid to help others, develop the Oban society and help them first, even when the war takes place a thousand kilometers from our borders, added Nerudov, who has a current view of the Czech Republic from the front pages of the famous magazine (not only) about md.

From his life history, he takes one important lesson for the following weeks, which he believes every candidate should learn.

People can’t win elections. the hunter must be willing to work it off by his own means. It is far more important not to win, but to retire from the position of honor, I am an economist and university professor.

Danue Nerudov made it to Vogue!

She won’t decide whether she will make it to the Castle, but the fact that she made it to the cover of Vogue should make her happy.

And let stars, books, experience, or anything else influence our choice, let’s try not to let stereotypes or stupidity win this time. We have the power to convince as many people as possible to make real changes. That’s why Vogue CS decided to support Danua Neruda on all platforms, they let themselves be heard by the descendants of the changing asopis.

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