Alla Dovlatova: revealed the secret desire of Mitya Fomin and spoke about the unusual names of children

Popular radio host Alla Dovlatova admitted that she knew about Mitya Fomin’s dream, which came true many years later.

According to the host of Russian Radio, the artist, who received the Golden Gramophone Award for the song “Polutona” last weekend, has long dreamed of this award.

Mitya Fomin, photo by Leonid Alekseev

“I know that Mitya secretly really wanted to get the Golden Gramophone, in my opinion, since the days of“ Everything will be fine ”, when he was the last winner of the award. And I am extremely happy for him, Mitya honestly deserved this recognition, ”said Alla Dovlatova.

The radio host admitted that she considers her family to be her main reward. Alla Dovlatova has three children, her youngest daughter, Masha, is five years old. Alla shared with humor the story of how she chose baby names.

Alla Dovlatova with children, photo “Modern Health”

“When I was pregnant with my youngest, Masha literally surrounded me. And I decided that my daughter would be Mashenka. And her husband wanted to give her some unusual name. Well, I offered him options: Agrippina, the Olympics, the Police … Then he agreed – let him be Masha, ”the presenter laughs.

Watch the video with Alla Dovlatova and you will find out what did she name her eldest daughter.

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