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An investor grandmother from Nizhny Tagil was deceived for 2 million rubles

A 71-year-old resident of Nizhny Tagil transferred about 2 million rubles to scammers. She tried to cash in on investments by trusting social media ads. The police found that the perpetrators communicated with the victim on a phone registered in Portugal.

A pensioner in the news feed saw an advertisement for investments with a 100% profit and decided to try. She dialed the specified phone number, registered in the Moscow region, but no one answered. After some time, a man called her back and introduced himself as Stanislav Eduardovich Gruzinov, an analyst at the company. The woman was promised that a specialist who would supervise the new client would contact her. Immediately, a certain Kirill Astakhov wrote in a messenger, introducing himself as a trader. He explained that in order to invest, you need to register on a certain website and replenish your account by phone number for 450 thousand rubles. The pensioner transferred this money from her personal savings through a bank teller.

The next day, the “consultant” called again and said that another 550 thousand was needed for more profit and sent a bank account number. The “investor” transferred money there through the bank’s application. Then there was a call from a certain Irina Vitalievna Gromova, who explained that she needed insurance of 5 thousand dollars, without which it would be impossible to withdraw funds. The pensioner transferred 343 thousand rubles to the specified card. But they were not enough and the woman transferred the same amount.

The very next day, the “trader” reported that “I put money on the withdrawal and we need to transfer 6 thousand dollars in order to issue a tax code.” Then, finally, the pensioner realized that she was being deceived and contacted the police. By this time, she had lost 1 million 683 thousand rubles.

The police opened a criminal case under the article “Fraud committed on an especially large scale” (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). It was established that the “consultant” communicated with the pensioner by phone registered in Portugal. She sent the first payments to phone numbers that are listed in bases in the Tula and Sverdlovsk regions. Now investigators are establishing where the accounts are registered, to which the rest of the money was transferred.

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