Andrei Malakhov showed a fur coat that he recaptured from a famous stylist

A TV journalist is a connoisseur of not only strict classic suits, but also fashionable trendy things.

Andrei Malakhov
Photo: Andrey Malakhov social networks.

Recently, Andrey Malakhov came to the New Year’s Eve party in a chic faux fur coat in bright colors, which combined black, yellow and purple hues.
The outfit made a splash. By the way, earlier Malakhov quarreled over this fur coat with star stylist Vlad Lisovets. Seeing a trendy thing in a showman, he wanted to try it on himself, but nothing came of it.

“Fight for a fur coat! <…> I won’t give it back!” Andrey said.

A chic fur coat was purchased by a journalist last year for 17 thousand rubles. He noticed that he consciously supported the trend to abandon clothing made from natural fur. A stylish accessory makes him delight.
Well, except for a fur coat, everyone noticed: Malakhov got rid of extra pounds and changed his image, completely dispelling rumors that he had recently allegedly worn a wig.

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