Andrey Vorfolomeev spoke live on the economic situation in

Andrey Vorfolomeev spoke live on the economic situation in the region and business support

On December 14, there was a live broadcast with the Minister of Economic Development of the region Andrei Vorfolomeev. The head of the department answered online questions from residents about business support and the economic situation in the region. The broadcast took place in the official communities of the Ryazan region in VK and OK with the support of the SDG of the Ryazan region.

Indicators of economic development of the region

The minister, answering the questions of residents, said that our region demonstrates high rates of economic development. The key to this lies in the combination of a number of factors – diversification of the structure of the economy, developed small and medium-sized businesses, a high share of high value-added industries, the availability of highly qualified personnel and effective support measures.

The growth of industry is ensured by production in the basic industries – food, oil refining, metallurgy and the production of medicines. At the same time, according to Andrey Vorfolomeev, although sanctions and mobilization have made their own adjustments, enterprises have already rebuilt the structure of suppliers, logistics, and the conditions for the supply of raw materials, materials, and finished products. They are working on expanding, changing sales markets. The government of the country and the region is implementing support measures that make it possible to fulfill all the tasks assigned to the industry without interruption.

Clusters and work on the national project “Labor Productivity”

Answering a question about support measures, the head of the department stressed that now they are very diverse. They are introduced through the Ministry of Industry and Trade. There are loans from regional and federal industrial development funds. Subsidies are paid for various purposes, and so on. Additional assistance mechanisms are provided for clusters. There are 8 of them in the Ryazan region, and more than 130 enterprises are their participants. At the same time, from January 2023, new support measures will come into effect for clusters at the federal level. These include soft loans, tax breaks and subsidies.

One of the important directions is the implementation of the national project “Labor Productivity”. At the end of 2022, the region fully met its targets. The project involves 76 enterprises, in 2023 the ministry plans to attract at least 10 more.

“The regional competence center in the field of labor productivity works in conjunction with teams at enterprises. Within 3 months they prepare changes. They build, stretch the processes, and then implement the planned changes within 3 months. The task is to get an effect not only on the selected site, but to make the enterprise itself interested in scaling the experience gained to all production,” the minister explained.

Andrei Vorfolomeev also noted that the capabilities of the national project in the region were also extended to small and medium-sized businesses. And this practice was recognized as one of the best in Russia.

Support for small and medium businesses

A separate question was raised on the air about supporting small and medium-sized businesses. The minister said that the region is actively participating in the national project “Small and medium-sized businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives.” Implements three regional projects. The main link in the support of small and medium-sized businesses is the Business Development Agency. Its specialists help entrepreneurs to receive government support measures.

“From next year, we will reduce tax rates as much as possible under the simplified taxation system for exporters from among small and medium-sized businesses. In this project, we will participate in a number of pilot regions. I hope it will give a result,” said Andrey Vorfolomeev.

Export priorities have changed

The head of the department also said that due to the geopolitical situation, new export priorities have been identified. Thus, the emphasis is on the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the CIS. To work with exporters, a Regional Export Standard 2.0 has been developed, which includes mandatory requirements that are observed throughout the country. And the Ryazan region is in the top five in the implementation of this standard among all regions of Russia and in first place in the Central Federal District.

About the work of rural shops and attracting investors to the regions

During the broadcast, users asked a question about maintaining the operation of shops in rural areas. The minister stressed that supplying residents with essential goods is a key task. Entrepreneurs engaged in retail trade in the countryside receive subsidies for the purchase of equipment, vehicles, non-stationary shopping facilities. At the same time, in order to expand the markets for the products of Ryazan producers, fair trade is developing in all districts of the region. So, this year we launched a new fairground on Victory Square in Ryazan. It became permanent, but with a changeable theme. On December 20, a fair opens in the Market Town, which will be open until January 8. There you can buy products for the New Year’s table, souvenirs, toys and much more.

On the air, it was also about the development of investment attractiveness of the region’s districts. Andrei Vorfolomeev stressed that all municipalities are involved in the work to attract investors. Industrial parks are being created, separate investment projects are being created, in addition to attracting investors, they are being supported.

Live recording can be see here.

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