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Another outbreak of bird flu detected in the Rostov region

Yesterday, December 13, another outbreak of bird flu was discovered in the Rostov region. This time on the territory of the village of Novy Egorlyk, Salsky district, the regional Rosselkhoznadzor reports. This is the second time in December.

  • As a result of laboratory studies at the Rostov Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor of pathological material taken from the corpses of poultry, near the village of Novy Yegorlyk, Salsky district, RNA of the avian influenza virus A, subtype H5 was found, the department reported.

Now in the specified area, specialists are carrying out activities provided for by the Veterinary Rules for the implementation of preventive, diagnostic, restrictive and other measures, the establishment and lifting of quarantine and other restrictions aimed at preventing the spread and eliminating foci of highly pathogenic avian influenza,” the department noted.

Recall that on December 7, the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was discovered in the village of Yekaterinovka in the Salsky district, where quarantine has now been introduced.

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