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ARVI is coming: Taganrog schools are being tested

In the Rostov region, there is an increase in the incidence of influenza and SARS. Therefore, in Taganrog, specialists from the city education department conduct inspections of compliance with the requirements of sanitary legislation in schools and kindergartens.

Yesterday, on December 13, such random checks were held at school No. 31, the Chekhov gymnasium, the Mariinskaya gymnasium, in kindergartens No. 24, 59. The commission assessed the sanitary safety in these institutions and made sure that preventive measures in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological rules and methodological recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

In particular, the holding of mass events is limited. The temperature of teachers and children is measured daily with non-contact thermometers. Hands are regularly treated with antiseptics. The daily monitoring of the incidence of students and employees is carried out. In accordance with the schedules, wet cleaning of the premises is carried out using virucidal disinfectants, wiping of contact surfaces and air disinfection with recirculators.

Based on the results of the inspection control, recommendations were given to the heads of kindergartens and schools to improve the effectiveness of preventive measures. Until the end of December, inspections of educational organizations for compliance with sanitary legislation will be held in accordance with the schedule.

Recall that over the past week in the Rostov region revealed more than 30 thousand new cases of acute respiratory viral infection. The epidemiological threshold was exceeded by 123.8%. In the Novocherkassk hospital, the number of beds for seriously ill patients has already been increased, and in Volgodonsk, eight classes in four schools have gone into quarantine.


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