At night in the center of Pronsk, a passenger car with

At night in the center of Pronsk, a passenger car with a nine-month-old child landed in a “snow swamp”

At half past eleven in the night on December 15, next to an ATM on Pervomaiskaya Street in Pronsk, a brand new Hyundai Solaris landed in a deep hole with water. Young parents with a nine-month-old baby got into the “snow swamp”. They couldn’t get out of it on their own.

A meter-long puddle at the intersection in the center of Pronsk was formed due to a gust: water poured for several days. Snowfall disguised it, but under the wheels of skidding cars it turned into a swamp.

“We were returning from Ryazan and, while our son was sleeping, we decided to go to an ATM,” Natalia said. “We didn’t suspect that there was such a dangerous puddle next to Sberbank in the very center of Pronsk. They skidded for a long time, but only bogged down more. I had to call my father for help in the middle of the night. The car was pulled out with a cable.

“This is the second gust near this intersection, three days ago we worked here. So the water supply again “rushed” nearby, – says the director of the Pronskiye Thermal Networks enterprise Vadim Fraevich. “We will repair again.”

“After the repair work, we will clean the road,” Viktor Radko, head of the Pronsk administration, promised.

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