At the Klepikovsky enterprise, they developed and tied for participants

At the Klepikovsky enterprise, knitwear was developed and knitted for the participants in the special operation

Hats, balaclavas and mittens, a total of 3,000 items, were knitted by the Klepiki knitting factory Interlok for mobilized soldiers. Initially, the factory’s specialists – dessinators, technologists – developed models, selected the appropriate yarn and weaving method. The main emphasis was placed on quality, convenience and practicality. And when all the parameters agreed, we started to work.

“Many of our guys went to defend the country – among them are friends, acquaintances, factory workers. In order to somehow help them, support them, the idea came to create such warm, practical things, ”the entrepreneur said. Vladimir Milkinwho works closely with the company.

All items are made from quality materials. They are light and warm and comfortable. A transformer balaclava, for example, is a universal thing. It can be worn as a helmet, as a hat or snood. Double layered hat with fleece lining inside. It perfectly retains heat and absorbs moisture and dries quickly. The mittens are also double layered, with two separate fingers for ease of use when shooting.

Vladimir Milkin bought all these things as a private person. Through the All-Russian People’s Front, he sent for participants in special operations from the Ryazan and Tula landing regiments.

Also, the factory began to implement another project – the manufacture of fire-resistant sweaters. Special fire-resistant yarn for this is very rare and is not produced in our country. But she managed to get it. In total, by the end of January, they plan to produce about 1200 products, which will be enough for 400 crews of tanks or armored vehicles.

The flame retardant sweater is currently undergoing laboratory testing. Presumably, a fire-resistant sweater should withstand with a margin the necessary time for an emergency escape from armored vehicles at high temperatures up to 400 degrees.

“If our fire-resistant sweaters help to save the life and health of at least one, two, ten fighters, then everything was not in vain,” Vladimir Milkin, the initiator of the project, is convinced. I urge everyone not to stay away. If each of us helps the front in any way he can, then victory will surely be ours. And it shouldn’t be any other way.”

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