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At the Rostov NPP, bloggers were shown how personnel are prepared and trained

Rostov NPP hosted a blog tour for authors of their own channels and publics in social networks. It was attended by journalists and public opinion leaders of the Don region, who write on socially significant topics for a wide variety of audiences. The bloggers were shown the work of the nuclear power plant from an unusual angle – the system for training personnel responsible for safety.

– Today, nuclear energy is an industry that operates as transparently and openly as possible. We are ready to speak with the public and journalists on any topic related to the operation of the nuclear power plant. These are nuclear energy production and safety, ecology and modernization. One of the most important issues that underlies the work of the enterprise is the training of personnel. And today we have revealed the features of our “kitchen” to the guests,” says Mikhail Ryabyshev, Deputy Director for Human Resources at Rostov NPP.

In the training department, bloggers were shown how operators work on full-scale simulators of block control panels. On average, such training takes from one to three hours in time – it depends on the scenario and tasks. During the training, the operatives, and there are five of them on a shift, work out the assigned tasks, taking into account additional, from 5 to 15, introductory ones.

– Maintaining the qualifications of the operating personnel of the Rostov NPP power units provides for training in accordance with special programs, conducting emergency and fire fighting drills, working out actions in emergency situations, as well as actions under normal operating conditions. During the year, operational personnel must undergo training for at least 144 hours – this is a mandatory requirement for maintaining qualifications, – said Oleg Dudenkov, Deputy Head of the Training Unit of the Rostov NPP.

In the laboratory of psychophysiological support (PPPS), the guests got acquainted with the work of psychologists and smart technology, which can not only recognize the psycho-emotional state of a nuclear power plant worker, but also increase his adaptive capabilities. LPPO specialists deal with what is called the “human factor”, and an employee responsible for the reliability and safety of a nuclear facility must be emotionally stable and psychologically well-being, with a high level of efficiency and stress tolerance. Therefore, operational personnel undergoes a psychophysiological examination annually.

– The Rostov nuclear power plant is a part of the fuel and energy complex of Russia. Today it works to increase the competitiveness of the national economy, contributes to the development and improvement of the region. At the nuclear power plant, we were shown how specialists are trained and maintained, and they were told what resources are put into ensuring the safety and reliability of the nuclear power plant,” said Alexander Nechushkin, a participant in the blog tour, a member of the Public Chamber of the Rostov Region.

Prepared by the press service of Rostov NPP

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