Avito Real Estate launched an online booking service for daily housing in the Moscow Region

Of course, you can choose and rent an apartment for a few days through social networks, but there is only one problem with them – it is not safe.

You will transfer the prepayment, and then 50 to 50 – either everything will be fine, or not. Therefore, the appearance of a reliable apartment rental service is very good news for travelers in Russia, especially before the long New Year holidays. Avito Real Estate has launched an online booking service for daily housing in Moscow and the Moscow Region, which means that it will be possible to choose a summer cottage for rent for the New Year.

“We already have experience of successful operation of the service in 45 largest cities of Russia. And based on thousands of user reviews from both sides, we can say that it is a reliable Russian alternative to services for renting private housing that left Russia. And in a number of positions it surpasses them, in particular in terms of the level of checking objects for safety. We aim to make short-term property rentals the main way to accommodate tourists within the country. And today, when the online booking service has spread to a total of 4049 cities, the achievement of this goal has become even closer, ”the Avito press service quotes Artem Kromochkin, head of short-term rental at Avito Real Estate.

The service freezes the money on the card and transfers the prepayment to the landlord only a day after the settlement, and if there are any problems, the money will be returned to the user. By the way, support is available 24 hours a day. All landlords are seriously checked before “letting” an ad on the site, up to video confirmation, whether the address is true. Once verified, the advert will display the “Apartment Verified” and “Safe Booking” icons.

Landlords, which have increased in Moscow this year, can choose guests manually, but then you need to respond to the request within 12 hours or activate the instant booking option, then guests will be able to immediately pay and book an apartment.


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