Barošová after parting ways with Medková: The beer flowed freely

The editors of were the first to point out some time ago that the relationship of the former excellent football striker Milana Baroš and its beautiful Teresa going through a crisis.

They haven’t appeared together anywhere for a long time, and Barošová stopped posting pictures together on her Instagram. Rather, he brags about his handy sons and his toned body on his profile.

The fact that Milan and Tereza are separated was confirmed to us by two reliable sources from the football environment.

“During the time they were together, they broke up and got back together several times. It’s like a roller coaster for them.” one of Expres’ sources confided, saying that this time it doesn’t look like a love affair anymore.

“They have officially been apart for quite some time. It didn’t work out for them for a while and they broke up. Tereza should have found someone else. Divorce is a joke,” added our second Expres informant, who spoke only under the guarantee of anonymity.

Milan Baroš and his wife Tereza

The editors of Expres have approached Tereza and Milan several times in recent days. Neither of them has yet commented on the relationship crisis or the alleged collapse of the marriage.

Party with friend Medková: Beer flowed!

It is well known about Baroš that he does not communicate much with journalists and is very careful about his privacy. Social networks don’t say much to him and he is currently mainly involved in charity events with the Real Top Prague team.

While “Bary” retreated even more into seclusion, Tereza does the exact opposite. She’s been pouring out one photo after another on Instagram and is clearly enjoying her single life to the fullest. She recently showed off a series of pictures from the ladies’ drive in the Prague pub U Rarášků.

Tereza Barošová went to a party with Klára Medková Kováčová.  The beer was flowing...

Tereza was accompanied by model and friend Klára Medková Kováčová, who incidentally is the wife of Milan’s teammate from the national team, Radoslav Kováč.

The girls seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the delicious Pilsner beer was flowing! “It was divine,” wrote an enthusiastic Kováčová in the comments on the photos.

“Sometimes I like to have a beer, especially in the summer,” Barošová confided, to which her friends appreciated how well she looked with a pint of “pilsner” in her hand.

Tereza Barošová went to a party with Klára Medková Kováčová

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