Benda had a heated argument with Fayne. He let his guard down and challenged his savior skills

Tade Vesel is a bit of a bizarre piece of the Internet. When he does not create a case, how will it appear in connection with his name. Former Clash of the Stars survivor Karlos Benda and Miroslav Loner alias Fayne got into each other in the comments on Instagram under the caption about Veselho.

Tereza Talinov alongside Tadea Veselho

Karlos Benda saved her twice in Clash of the Stars. He lost the first match with Filip Roubek, won the second against Jaroslav Kotlr. Right now, it’s getting ready for the gala savior gala. With that, many challengers are swarming, not only for him, but for many other potential female fighters.

It was discussed that Benda could enter the cage first with Tade Vesel. They challenged each other and challenged the dog at first. Not sure if Vesel would fight with Benda. Here is a young man to go to the pork. He has to fatten it up, it won’t go to the slaughterhouse, doubts on his Instagram Benda about my relationship between him and Vesel.

My candidate for Bend’s opponent could be YouTuber and survivor from the previous Clash of the Stars Fayne. They exchanged sarcastic remarks in the comments on Instagram under the caption I changed to Veselho. Fayne is only ten kilos heavier than me. He might win it, Benda comments on Fayne’s courage and his skill at defeating Veselho in a match.

but please answer Fayne. Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, Benda responds. Offend? What the hell. But it’s two stupid things in one vt. I can’t be sure by ten kilos, and I can’t even imagine the loss, reply to Fayne Bend.

Even if these two rivals did not fight in a joint match, there is no shortage of candidates for the matches. Both Fayne and Benda are on Tadee Veselho’s list of candidates, along with about ten other influencers.

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