Bizarre hdka u Pirt: Finle about Korean women’s breasts? Sma to, tepala Ferjenka, a feminist in the region

Argentina finally dominated the world championship, but it was for the breasts of a Korean woman. Zlidov’s deep faith was undoubtedly heard in more than one household. This also applies to Mikule Ferjenko, an expat from Pirts, who, among others, is a big fan of Slavia. This unspoken statement came across as a blow to colleague and senior student Adly Pov, who was so misogynistic that she started telling Ferjenko to delete the tweet immediately.

Argentina vs. Csaplr, about Korean woman’s breasts, wrote the well-known pirt Ferjenk on Twitter.

Football fans are gripped, Csaplr’s trap means that they lose by two goals at half time, but after changing sides, they can gain psychological strength, and finally save it in their favor. Korean women’s breasts are piriform, which is very characteristic of the legendary commentator Jarom Bosk.

Only this time, the sentorce Adele, I know the warrior for the first time, did not fight at all. And she was very harsh on her party colleague!

Korean women have nothing to do with salvation. Miki, we are, this is just a shame wrote the sentorka for the Kladno district.

And that wasn’t enough either, Ferjenk, who was supported by hundreds of other football fans, explained the famous football report. she asked him, and asked him a kind word.

Well, let’s use another metaphor, it’s certainly not just one. (…) Or about my breasts? None of them have anything to do with football. I also don’t comment on sports compared to penis size, she wrote.

Ivan Barto, Adla district

As a result, Jaromr Bosk also joined the debate, to whom everyone writes. He frankly stated that he was not its author. Ondej Novotn brought light to the case of the Oktagon.

I would put a goat to the neck, that the author is a scumbag when commenting on athletics, for example. Over the years in the editorial office with him and other legends, I heard it from him in short, wrote Novotn and linked the hashtag Free Miki.

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