Burešová at the Prima party: A touching farewell to Vincent Navrátil and a giant pug

This year’s Christmas parties are very lively! The years with covid, when employees could let their appetite go, they made up for it at Prima as well. The party at the Duplex club was very spectacular and some of the guests will remember it for a long time because there was enough of everything! The shining star of the series Sunny and Zoo Eva Burešová (28) was also present, who, although she is on maternity leave, took it as a nice duty to greet her colleagues and acquaintances, so she also stayed a while. And even when saying goodbye, she was busy enough.

On parties The prime, which this time the television set at the Duplex club on Wenceslas Square, was teeming with famous faces. No one important was missing, including the head of the program Lenka Hornovámoderators Marquette Fialová and Honzy Dędek or ladies on maternity leave Eva Hecko Perkausová and an actress Eva Burešová.

The star of the series Sunny and Zoo stayed in the finale for quite a long time, after all, after moving to the countryside, she does not get to socialize so often. Regardless of the fact that she is currently mainly occupied with maternal duties, so there is not much time left for social life.

That’s why Prima enjoyed the Christmas party as it should, and even though she was already on her way out, she still got a lot done. For example, the farewell to Vincent Navrátil, which was very touching and quite long.

Eva carried a giant pug from the party and was accompanied by a friend in a matching fur coat, who helped load everything necessary into the car, which took Burešová to her children and boyfriend Přemek Forejt.

The prima party at the Duplex was a success. Eva Burešová left with a huge bouquet.

She also enjoyed the party Andrea Pomeje, who was accompanied by her partner Petr Plaček. Perkausová also looks satisfied, and it is not at all visible that she gave birth a few weeks ago. Fialová also looked great, which suited her in a bright coat.

It didn’t suit those who took over a bit at the Christmas meeting. In their defense, however, it must be said that after lean years without parties, everyone wanted to enjoy such an event, and some did not realize the amount of alcohol consumed. Becomes…

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